Winter Treat Plus / Anti-Gel for Bulk Tank Treatment

Winter Treat Plus contains a concentrated cold flow improver designed to reduce the size and alter the shape of the wax crystals as they precipitate from the diesel fuel in low temperatures. This reduces vehicle failure during cold weather.

The best cold weather protection available.
Lowers the Cold Filter Plugging Point
  by up to 20 degrees or more.
Increases fuel economy- reduces the
  requirement for blended fuel, which
  has lower BTU content.
Prolongs fuel filter life. Reduces
  contaminants and safely controls water.
Non-Alcohol formula is safe to use in
  all weather conditions.
Flows at -20º allowing you to store
  additive outside.
Superior cold weather protection
Winter Treat Plus contains an advanced wax crystal modifier that prevents filter plugging at lower temperatures. This table shows CFPP results for three different fuels treated with Winter Treat Plus.
Trouble-free cold weather handling below -20°F
Most concentrated cold flow additive treatments turn to a solid around 30°F. Winter Treat Plus will flow at -20°F, allowing you to store additive outdoors.

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* it is recommended to add 20% kerosene when temperatures are colder than -10°F
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