Howes Truckers of Tomorrow Scholarship Program

Howes Lubricator Products and Sage Truck Driving Schools are pleased to present the “Howes Truckers of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship Program.” The scholarship is funded by Howes Lubricator and can be applied for at all SAGE Truck Driving Schools across the country. SAGE has 25 locations and provides high quality one-on-one CDL training of entry-level commercial truck drivers and driver training to some of Americas Fortune 100 companies and fleets. The “Howes Truckers of Tomorrow $1,000 Scholarship” will be awarded to one student at each SAGE location throughout the year. Howes offers the scholarships annually, with two to three scholarships being awarded each month. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet all trucking industry qualifications and demonstrate a financial need. 

“SAGE is thrilled that Howes Lubricator chose to support our students with this Scholarship Program,” said Chris Thropp, Vice President at SAGE. Howes has a recognized, high quality brand of additives in the trucking industry and this scholarship program demonstrates how companies can play an important role in promoting the industry. Howes has been part of the trucking community since 1920 and “the scholarship program is a way for us to invest in the Industry that has been so important to our livelihood,” said Rob Howes, President of Howes Lubricator. 

Details are available on the Howes Lubricator Facebook page or by calling 1-800 GET HOWES. 

To apply for the scholarship, click the link below.


Click here to see the schedule of scholarships, locations, and recipients. 

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