Howes Multi-Purpose Lubricator and Penetrating Oil Made from a secret formula of highly refined petroleum ingredients, Howes Multi-Purpose lubricates without evaporation and penetrates (actually permeates) leaving a protective film that will not attract dirt or dust. It dissolves rust, sludge and gunk while displacing water, yet it is safe to use on almost any surface. Howes Multi-Purpose is used by many national fleets, including the U.S. Postal Service and Ryder Truck, as well as thousands of smaller businesses from automotive repair shops to truck stops nationwide.

Suggested Uses for Howes Multi-Purpose

Loosen rusted nuts and bolts and
  prevent corrosion.
Lubricates and protects, will not evaporate.
Use as light cutting or tapping oil.
Spray on all roller devices, including garage
  door rollers and trailer rollers.
Stop squeaks on door hinges.
Use as an air tool lubricant.
Excellent bug and tar remover.
Spray on wires, leads and distributor caps
  to start damp engines.
Lubricate locks, cranking windows, awnings
  and sliding doors.
Clean and protect chrome wheels and
  rubber bumpers.
Spray on snow plows or shovels to
  prevent sticking.
Lubricate bicycle chains.
Protect fishing reels and lines.
Prevent carbon build-up on all types of guns.

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