Meaner Power Kleaner

Meaner Power Kleaner has been tested safe and effective to use with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSD). Loss of lubricity, lower BTU’s and premature wear of the fuel injection system are some of the issues created by ULSD. Build up of deposits on fuel injectors and pumps can have a negative effect on power, fuel economy and durability. Meaner Power Kleaner adds lubricity, eliminates water problems, cleans and eliminates injector deposits, increases fuel economy and saves you money and fuel related down time.

Minimum 5% improvement in fuel economy, guaranteed!
Increased lubricity – injectors, pumps,
  upper cylinder.
Safely eliminates water.
Cleans dirty injectors and keeps them clean.
Eliminates the environment that promotes
  microbial growth.
Reduces exhaust emissions and improves
  engine performance.
Stabilizes fuel and eliminates sediment formation.
Safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel
  blends to B-20.
Particulate filter friendly and warranty safe.

MPK cleans up dirty injectors. The plunger rating improved 38.4%
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