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Which Howes additive should I use in the winter?

Howes Diesel Treat. It’s a diesel conditioner with anti-gel and contains a cold flow improver designed to prevent gelling in winter.

Are your additives safe to use in biodiesel?

Yes. Both Diesel Treat and Meaner Power Kleaner are effective in biodiesel blends to B-20.

Why should I keep the stamps on the bottles?

Stamps can be redeemed for Howes logo merchandise. Visit the promotions link for details.

What’s the difference between Meaner Power Kleaner and Diesel Treat?

Diesel Treat contains a cold flow improver to prevent gelling in cold weather. Meaner Power Kleaner is a concentrated injector cleaner and lubricant designed for warmer weather.

Do Howes additives void engine manufacturer’s warranties?

Howes products are safe to use in any diesel engine, contain no alcohol or harmful solvents, are particulate filter friendly and will not void any engine manufacturer’s warranty.

Are Howes additives safe to use in gasoline engines?

Diesel Treat and Meaner Power Kleaner are specifically designed for diesel engines. We do not recommend them for use in gasoline engines. For gasoline engines try Howes Gas Treat and Howes Fuel System Cleaner.

Do Howes additives contain a cetane booster?

No. Howes products naturally improve the combustion quality of diesel fuel eliminating the need for cetane boosters.

How do Howes products handle water?

Howes additives are petroleum based. They displace or demulsify water rather than absorb or emulsify it. This is the method preferred by engine manufacturers.

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